Being one of the world’s largest producers and exporters of Robusta coffee beans, Vietnam has played a very important role in the world supply source stability. 
Approximately 30% of the coffee produced in the world is Robusta. It is mostly grown in Vietnam, where French colonists introduced it in the late 19th century. The other origins supplying considerable volume of Robusta are Brazilian and African, where it is often called Conilon. In recent years, Vietnam, which produces mostly Robusta, has become the world's single largest exporter of Robusta coffee beans. Brazil is still the biggest producer of coffee with one third of the world’s coffee supply, however, 80% of that is Arabica.
Cultivation of Robusta coffee tree is mainly in Central Highlands and South East of Vietnam. Total area of this plant in Vietnam during recent years is:
2011: 586 hectares, of which 526.70 ha in Central Highlands and 40.10 ha in South East; production volume: 1,276,500 tons
2012: 623 hectares, 559.30 ha in Central Highlands and 42.60 ha in South East; production volume: 1,260,400 tons
2013: 635 hectares, 565.70 ha in Central Highlands and 44.50 ha in South east; production volume: 1,289,800 tons